Info (You know I need to post this. XD)


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    Info (You know I need to post this. XD)

    Post  Ayuna on Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:08 am

    Okay,so I've been thinking about this for a while,and decided to open this thread on the forum. :)

    The little summary for the branch pretty much says the big part of how this works,but here are some little details:

    -It can be ANY song. (sorta. I'm not sure how to explain this so please ask questions! XD)
    -These will NOT be posted on the RenaiDreamPro channel but YOU CAN upload them to your channel if you wish to. :)
    -These can be IN PROJECT ONLY groupdubs as well. (By that I mean it is planned out ONLY on the forum. Lines will be sent here,etc etc and then the mp3 will be posted here whenever it is finished. it will be ONLY in the project though.)

    You CAN suggest songs for RDP but you MUST say IN your post that it is a suggestion for the project and you MUST tell me you suggested it. You may NOT plan it out unless I give you permission and approve of your cast. You can suggest before the comeback but nothing will really be planned until it is out.

    Have fun with this everyone! :3

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