How Song Sign Ups/Castings work


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    How Song Sign Ups/Castings work

    Post  Ayuna on Wed Aug 04, 2010 6:33 pm

    Song Sign ups:
    Song sign ups will be kind of complex,but they are actually very simple. ^^

    Basically,Melody or I will choose the singles (They will more then likely be songs we like XD sorry. >.< We will keep your requests in mind tho. :]). Keep in mind that there is an A-Side AND a B-Side,so for example.

    First Single: *insert creative name here :P*

    A-Side: *Insert song here*
    B-Side: *insert song here*

    Lets say that you loooove the A-Side and you HATE the B-Side. (I know you all will be confused on this,so I'm going to post it. XD)
    The A and B sides are completely different songs. If you want to be in the A-Side,then sign up for it! You don't have to be in the B-Side if you don't want to. :)

    Another example ~ Assigned parts.

    First Single: Weeee~
    A-Side: Our Songs [JUST AN EXAMPLE]

    Tsugunaga Momoko:
    Natsuyaki Miyabi:
    Suzuki Airi:

    You can audition for any of these parts if you like the song,but please don't pitch a fit if you don't get in/Don't get the part you wanted.

    How you audition:
    -Get audition in BEFORE the deadline OR the DAY of the deadline. I WILL NOT EXCEPT LATE AUDITIONS.
    -Sing THE REQUIRED LINES (They will be posted in the topic of the single.)
    -Tell me beforehand you are auditioning and do NOT just send an audition. I'm not going to chase you down asking you who you were auditioning for,etc. I will just ignore your audition/delete your post.

    If you get in,I will tell you in a PM either here or on YT. I will also send you lyrics,tell you deadlines,etc. It will all be posted here also,so if you are curious,feel free to stalk the posts like creepars. 8D LOL,Not really,but if you want you can. :/ I do it. 8DD

    I'm pretty sure I forgot info,but I cant remember what all I forgot,so if you all have stuff you needa add that I told you,let me know and I will edit. ^^ Also,if you have any questions,feel free to ask! ^-^

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